Creoptix and leadXpro AG announce the selection of the Creoptix WAVE technology by leadXpro to strengthen its capabilities for drug discovery aimed at identifying and optimizing drug candidates directed against challenging membrane protein drug targets. [more]

Creoptix announces entering UK market with Mologic.

Creoptix announces entering UK market with Mologic as first customer and providing new research avenues for Mologic’s Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (“CARD”) Press Release

Creoptix is hiring a Field Application Scientist – US Territory

In order to strengthen our sales efforts and our customer support, Creoptix is hiring a Field Application Scientist for the US Territory. Please find the profile here: Field Application Scientist – US Territory

Creoptix is hiring!

In order to strengthen our sales efforts, Creoptix is seeking a Sales Manager North America. Please find the profile here: Sales Manager North America

Small Molecules can't hide anymore...not even behind large drug targets!

Small Molecules can't hide anymore...not even behind large drug targets! Thanks to Novartis for providing the material, our new TechNote shows how Creoptix WAVE pushes the limits regarding sensitivity: Kinetics of a 300Da small molecule with a 110 kDa drug target at Rmax below 1 pg/mm2! Tech Note

New Tech Notes

Creoptix proudly announces three new Tech Notes demonstrating the benefits of the Creoptix™ WAVE system for molecular interaction analysis:

Fast Off-Rates: Based on very fast injection processes, the Creoptix™ WAVE enables reliable analysis of off-rates of 5 per second! This now allows for off-rate screening and ranking of weak binders such as fragments in a very early discovery process.

Kinetics at High Serum: The innovative disposable microfluidics of the Creoptix™ WAVE provides very high robustness against complex matrices and does not clog at even 100% untreated blood serum. This allows kinetic analysis at much higher serum concentrations than ever before.

Avoiding Mass Transport: Kinetic data quality is significantly impaired by mass transport due to the high immobilization levels required. Thanks to the exceptionally high sensitivity of the Creoptix™ WAVE, reliable kinetics below 1 pg/mm2 are possible and immobilization levels can be markedly reduced. This not only reduces sample consumption but also mass transport limitation.

Merck Technology Symposium

Creoptix is looking forward to meeting Merck's scientists at the upcoming Merck Technology Symposium taking place on June 2-3, 2015 in Somerset NJ

Fragments 2015

Creoptix to exhibit at the Fragments 2015 in Cambridge UK, March 22-24, 2015

Workshop on March 11 at Swissnex Boston

Creoptix proudly announces Dr. Walter Huber as keynote speaker on workshop on March 11 at Swissnex Boston:

Swiss Excellence in Drug Discovery featuring Dr. Walter Huber: "Label-Free Technologies - Overview, Experiences & Perspectives"

Click here for further information and free registration!

Late Night with LRIG

Creoptix selected to present at the Late Night with LRIG at the upcoming SLAS2015 in Washington DC. We look forward to seeing you soon in Washinton!

New facilities

We have moved into new facilities, you can now reach us at Einsiedlerstrasse 34, CH-8820 Wädenswil.