The Creoptix WAVE system

Do things previously impossible.
See things previously invisible.


With the WAVE system, Creoptix invites researchers to look deeper and explore wider using a unique biosensor platform. Engineered around a proprietary waveguide interferometry technology, the WAVE system offers superior data quality across the broadest range of samples for unrivaled flexibility and unsurpassed insight.


System Highlights

  • The most sensitive system on the market
  • High resolution even at very low signal levels
  • Reliable kinetics below 1 pg/mm2
  • Ultra-fast transition times
  • Reliable determination of off-rates up to 10s-1
  • Compatible with even the toughest samples
  • Four parallel flow channels for perfect referencing (Creoptix WAVEdelta only)
  • WAVEsystem

    Label-free data like you’ve never seen before.

  • WAVEchips

    Innovative combination of microfluidics and sensor in a single disposable cartridge.

  • WAVEcontrol

    Intuitive, workflow-based design offering both flexibility and functionality.